About the Author

The structure and content of the book are based on many years of experience by the authors. Previous editions of the TYPO3 Extbase Book were authored by Patrick Lobacher and Michael Schams. After his announcement not to continue working on the book, Patrick handed over full responsibility to Michael in mid-2018. Since then Michael has been regarded as the main author and maintainer of the English and German version.

Michael is an active and long-term member of the TYPO3 community and combines extensive experience with fresh ideas. He holds a master's degree in computer sciences, is an international advocate of open source technologies and regularly publishes articles in professional journals and online media.

In addition to his TYPO3 work, Michael manages a number of cloud-based services across the globe at Amazon Web Services, consults with clients worldwide and is also a welcome contact when it comes to IT security topics.

Michael Schams

Michael Schams


Very special thanks goes to Patrick for a great collaboration over many years and for the fantastic work he did for the first editions of this book.

As a professional trainer, Patrick conducted more than 150 seminars about TYPO3 development and published a number of articles and a range of books. He successfully inspired everyone who was interested in Extbase and Fluid at numerous events such as TYPO3 camps and conferences over many years. As a consequence, Patrick was nicknamed "Extbase Evangelist" for quite a long time. As part of his personal career, Patrick focuses on management consultancy, strategic business management, process optimisation and change management today. His contribution to the TYPO3 community has been priceless.

A big-hearted thank you goes to Inge Bateman for proofreading this highly technical book and the drive to see it through. She gave the best kind of feedback, the kind that improves the outcome. To have a writer with her mindset critically review and comment both the words about the code and conceptual ideas took the book to a new level. It was a pleasure working with her!

Finally, to everyone who provided feedback — thanks for all your valuable input!