Various programs and libraries used or referenced in the book can be found below.

1 Site Package Extension

Chapter 4 describes how to set up a TYPO3 development instance from scratch. A modern, mobile-responsive frontend provides the visual appearance for the website. A ready-to-use Site Package extension is used to achieve this, which can be downloaded and installed using "PHP Composer".


2 The "Extension Builder"

After developing the domain model based on the "domain-driven design" concept, chapter 5 explains in detail how to transform the theoretical model into real code. This is can be done with the help of the Extension Builder developed and maintained by Nico de Haen.

 GitHub  TYPO3 TER  Manual

3 jquery.mailto.js

Based on Sérgio Dinis Lopes' jQuery plugin "mailto", this slightly adjusted JavaScript library is used in chapter 12 to decrypt obfuscated email addresses. Chapter 12 explains step-by-step how "ViewHelpers" work and how to implement custom ViewHelpers, for example to obfuscate email addresses to hide them from spambots.


4 File "UploadedFileReferenceConverter.php"

Chapter 15 explains how to implement a file upload functionality using the File Abstraction Layer (FAL) in the TYPO3 frontend. File "UploadedFileReferenceConverter.php" is required for this implementation. Readers of the book are advised to download this file from the Git repository — see link below.


5 File "UploadViewHelper.php"

Same as above, readers of the book are advised to download file "UploadViewHelper.php" from the Git repository — see link below.


6 The "Simpleblog" Extension

After working through the book, extension developers have all knowledge on hand to master TYPO3 projects of all sizes and complexities using Extbase and Fluid. The TYPO3 Extbase Book guides readers — beginners, as well as advanced developers — through all steps required to build the "Simpleblog" extension, which also available at GitHub.

It is important to understand that just downloading and reviewing the extension will not replace reading the book. The extension's main purpose is of didactic nature and to fully understand Extbase and Fluid, you should strongly consider purchasing and working through the book.