From the basics of object-oriented programming in PHP to the principles of domain-driven design and the Model-View-Controller concept (MVC), TYPO3 Extbase Book explains theoretical foundations as well as practical solutions.

Extension developers have all knowledge on hand to master TYPO3 projects of all sizes and complexities in Extbase and Fluid after working through the book.

The book contains 19 comprehensive chapters:

  • The History of Extbase and Fluid
  • PHP Programming Basics
  • Domain Driven Design
  • Preparation
  • Domain Model Creation (Modelling)
  • Analysing Initial Files
  • The CRUD Process
  • Fluid Templating
  • Query Manager and Repositories
  • TypoScript and FlexForm Configuration
  • Validation and Error Handling
  • ViewHelpers
  • Relations
  • Labels and Localization
  • Property Mapper and Type Converter
  • Backend Module
  • Clean-up and Finalisation
  • Security Basics
  • What's Next